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Directed by Travis Lee Ratcliff

Featuring "Bare"

Produced by Travis Lee Ratcliff & Brody Carmichael

Cinematography by Peyton Frank

Production Assistant: Brenden Green

Gaffer: Juan Rocha

Edited by Travis Lee Ratcliff 

Assistant Editor: Brenden Green

Sound Design & Mixing by Travis Lee Ratcliff

Agency: "The Looma Project"
Client: Frito-Lay

In this short point of sale oriented commercial, we introduce a grocery store audience to Bare, an innovative apple-based chip offering a healthier snacking alternative.


Our expert host sheds light on the importance of mindful snacking and its impact on overall health.


Featuring delicious food styling and b-roll we showcase how Bare's unique approach to snacks has transformed simple apples into a crunchy sensation, paving the way for a more nutritious and guilt-free snacking experience.

Filmed as a part of a three commercial series on minimalist snacks, and screened in the grocery store shopping environment.

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