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Directed by Travis Lee Ratcliff

Featuring Blake Henke & Dot's Pretzels

Produced by Travis Lee Ratcliff & Brody Carmichael

Cinematography by Brody Carmichael

1st AC: Jacob Voss

Edited by Travis Lee Ratcliff 

Gaffer: Brody Carmichael

Sound Design & Mixing by Travis Lee Ratcliff

Agency: "The Looma Project"
Client: Dot's Pretzels

In this heartwarming micro-documentary, we dive into the story of Dot's Pretzels, America's new favorite snack, through the eyes of Blake Henke, the son of the company's founder.


Combining the nostalgic feel of a home movie with the handmade quality that defines the pretzel itself, we explore the inspiring vision and humble beginnings of a snack that has captured the nation's taste buds.

By showcasing the homespun roots of Dot's Pretzels, we celebrate the power of a simple idea to bring people together and create lasting memories. This micro-documentary commercial is a testament to the importance of family, tradition, and innovation in the ever-evolving world of American snacks.

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