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Directed by Travis Lee Ratcliff

Featuring Brad Farbstein, Eric Casey, and Leigh Maberry

Produced by Travis Lee Ratcliff & Brody Carmichael

Cinematography by Brody Carmichael

1st AC: Philip Sheldon

Edited by Travis Lee Ratcliff 

Production Assistant: Brenden Green

Sound Design & Mixing by Travis Lee Ratcliff

Agency: "The Looma Project"
Client: Real Ale

Special thanks: Brad Farbstein, Eric Casey, Leigh Maberry and all of the Real Ale team who facilitated our production.

Immerse yourself in our micro documentary campaign, where we delve into the heartfelt stories of three key visionaries from Real Ale: Brad, the founder; Eric, the head brewer; and Leigh, the manager of the sensory and lab program.


Together, their inspiring journeys reveal the passion and dedication behind the craft of Texan-made brews.


Witness how their shared love for brewing converges to create truly exceptional craft beers, as their personal tales shed light on the human touch that elevates Real Ale's creations to new heights of flavor and quality.

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