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Written & Directed by Travis Lee Ratcliff

Featuring Lena Luca

Starring Lena Luca & Tinus Seaux

Produced by Brody Carmichael,
Travis Lee Ratcliff, & Emily Basma 

Cinematography by Brody Carmichael
Production Design by Dakota Millett

1st Assistant Director: Arturo Jiminez

Stylist: Kaidon Ho

Special Effects Make-up: Jenna Green

Visual Effects: JP Jaramillo

1st AC: Emily Brown, 2nd AC: Emily Brown

Edited by Travis Lee Ratcliff

Sound Design & Mixing by Travis Lee Ratcliff

Key Grip: Caleb Guadarrama Gaffer: Blake Nelson

Set Decorator: Emily Potter

Additional Set Construction: Lucky Giraffe

Behind the Scenes Photography: Peyton Anne Frank

Production Assistant: Brenden Green

Tara the Android is back for a new performance!

Years ago, a viral video circulated the internet featuring a terrifying homemade android performing a haunting song.

The video soon became the stuff of internet legends as no one was able to locate the creator of the android, his motives, or learn the fate of his creation.

In 'Rosebuds' the myth finally becomes reality.   Now, it's time to discover a new chapter in one of the internet's most memorable folk stories. 

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