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SEEDS Fine Cut 4 Credits Hi Rez.mp4.00_0


SEEDS is a new take on the story of Persephone, allowing her the autonomy to decide her own fate.


In this version, instead of being kidnapped to go to the underworld, Persephone makes the decision herself.

Filmed in beautiful 16mm Ektachrome, Emily's vision takes a familiar myth and turns it on its head exploring ideas about female gaze and storytelling artifice in the process.  

Written & Directed by Emily Basma

Produced by Emily Basma, Kathryn Bailey,
Travis Lee Ratcliff, John Richard Carmichael IV

Cinematography by John Richard Carmichael IV
Edited by Emily Basma
Original Music by Sean Muldrow

Sound and Mixing by Sean Muldrow

Color by John Richard Carmichael IV

Cast: Alexandria Payne, Colt Keeney 

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