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Directed by Travis Lee Ratcliff

Featuring Norman Vilalta

Produced by Travis Lee Ratcliff & John Richard Carmichael IV Cinematography by John Richard Carmichael IV

1st AC: Emily Brown

Assistant Editor: Emily Brown

Edited by Travis Lee Ratcliff & Emily Brown

Sound Design & Mixing by Travis Lee Ratcliff

Colored by John Richard Carmichael IV

Original Score by Gavin Brivik


Special thanks: Norman, Lala, Goya, Apprentices of the Vilalta workshop, Cafe Cosmo, The Barcelona Film Commission, Angello Faccini, Brad Fassbender, Andrew Natali, Kathryn Bailey, Emily Brown, Peyton Anne Frank Filmed on the Varicam LT with vintage Lomo lenses.

Norman Vilalta is a bespoke shoemaker based in
Barcelona, Spain. 


For Norman, a whole cosmos of meaning can be seen through the keyhole of his craft. 

In spending time with him we came to see that the smallest details of his work take on the grandest of poetic importances.


Norman revealed to us the real cost of this work, the sacrifice of the shoemaker, and inspired us to pay closer attention to the beauty in our everyday experiences.

Featured on AEON

Official Selection - SXSW 2020 - AFS ShortCase

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